Roofline guide

  • Guttering

    Roofline and rainwater guide

    Guttering and downpipes carry water safely into the drainage system.

  • Fascia

    Roofline and rainwater guide

    A fascia board closes off your roof space from the elements and protects the ends of the timber rafters that hold up you roof.

  • Soffit

    Roofline and rainwater guide

    The soffit is the board that fills in the gap between the fascia board and the wall of your house. If roofline ventilation is necessary ventillation grilles can be fitted in the soffit.

  • Box end

    Roofline and rainwater guide

    A box end is a typical way of finishing off your fascia installation at each end. It’s where the fascia returns to your wall – except in a mid-terrace.

  • Barge Board

    Roofline and rainwater guide

    The bargeboard forms the overhanging gable that protects your brickwork from the elements.

Roofline guide

Don’t know your fascia from your bargeboard? Don’t worry this is the Willmott’s essential guide.

The Roofline is the point where the walls of the house meet the roof. This is an extremely vulnerable area of a building because it is exposed to attack from wind and rain. It is also an area where it is difficult to see problems occurring and hard to maintain.

PVC-U is the logical choice to use on the roofline. This is because wood moves, absorbs water and requires regular maintenance. Constant exposure to harsh weather conditions leads to wood breaking down, rotting and decaying. PVC-U is stable, incredibly hard wearing and requires minimal maintenance.

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Durable cladding products offering not only a decorative but also a protective facing in building exteriors.


A huge range of fascias in a choice of styles, colours and sizes, to suit any building design.


Our range has been designed to ensure both reliable, leak-free performance and quick installation.


An exceptional range of soffit products ranging in colour and size from 100mm to 600mm.