Willmott’s have been servicing the needs of many House Builders, National, Regional and Local for over 20 years.

From the outset, we wanted to offer something different to these new Customers, something that would demonstrate real and positive support in partnership. Something that would set us apart, and set new standards in the supply of PVC Roofline products.


From the start, we realised that in describing ourselves as a ‘Stockist of PVC Roofline & Cladding’ products, we had to be true to the term.

With PVC Manufacturers delivering up to 3 times a week, many Suppliers to developments decided to reduce stock levels, and started to use the Manufacturers depot as their stockroom! This was not for Willmott’s!

We have always prided ourselves on confirming a delivery to customer on the basis that their requirements are on our shelves, and the dramatic increase in volume that New House Builder demand would bring was not going to alter our position as a Stockist.

We carry all of our Manufacturers products and sizes as a matter of course, and all of them in substantial quantity.

So in establishing that we had the material on-shelf, to meet all of our customer’s requirements, what else did we need to do that would make the difference?


In planning to supply Customers and Developments throughout the entire South of England, from Birmingham in the North, Somerset and South Wales in the West, Ipswich in the East and the South Coast from Margate to Weymouth, we realised we couldn’t set rigid daily geographical delivery routes, so we decided to let our customers tell us where and when we were to deliver!

The first call-off from Site determines the delivery day, and then we build the run by adding in other Sites in reasonable geographical locations. That is why it isn’t unusual for our vehicles to cover an area bordered by Taunton, Cardiff and Hereford, or Bury St Edmonds, Ipswich and Colchester all on the same run. Vehicles leave fully loaded at 07.30, and are always back to load for the next day! If the delivery run happens to be very long, or a customer some distance away wants an early delivery, then in these exceptions, the vehicle will leave earlier! It’s called Service!

Drivers are fully equipped with PPE, and we have a Risk Assessment and Method Statement under which they conduct themselves whilst on-site!


It starts with providing a clear, concise and fully detailed schedule of materials. Customers supply drawings for developments, either in paper, or now in most cases, electronically or on disk. We ask for them to be in PDF format.

Drawings for each new development are researched prior to the commencement of the schedule, with any anomalies identified and reported back to the Buyer / Surveyor for clarification.

If it helps, we are happy to discuss matters with our customers Architects to resolve issues requiring confirmation.

The schedule is then produced and sent by e-mail to the Buyer / Surveyor, and to any other party nominated by the customer. We aim to return schedules by the due date, but at times of major scheduling work, any slight delays will be cleared with the customer at the earliest moment!


Site visits are not unique to Willmott’s, and we are sure that all suppliers of PVC will offer some level of Site Support, if requested by The House Builder / Site Management

But at Willmott’s it doesn’t need the customer to request the support, as every Development is visited prior to commencement of delivery! In many cases Site visits are made on a regular basis to ensure that all House Types are properly reviewed and confirmed before shipment. Our aim is to deliver once, deliver right!

Contact with Site Management is made well in advance of the commencement of delivery, to agree suitable dates for the first visit. When that first visit is agreed, a delivery is booked for generally the day following the Site visit, but always within 48 hours!

Site visits are always made to coincide with the installation of Roof timbers, whether they are Trussed or Cut Roofs. On these visits, the schedule is discussed with Site Management and those carrying out the installation to ensure all are conversant with the principles of the schedule and the installation process.

Our personnel have developed long-standing relationships with Site Managers and Carpenters by demonstrating our determination to help make a positive impact upon their work on-site!

Our personnel have over time developed very good Technical skills, and will react quickly to any call for help to overcome and installation / technical issue, by making a Site visit and looking at the issue first-hand. Again, a request for a visit to Site will trigger a delivery booking to follow up the visit!

We would not claim that our standards of Supply, Service & Support are unique to us, though many of our customers say that they are!

We do know that we are at the forefront of the Industry in delivering high quality service to our customers.

Whether the development is for simple straightforward Fascia and Soffit, or for more complicated Cornice / Dentil Block installations, our customers, large or small, have the right to and will receive the very best of our support!

If you have an enquiry or would like a quote, please complete our enquiry form or call 0118 950 8929

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An exceptional range of soffit products ranging in colour and size from 100mm to 600mm.


Durable cladding products offering not only a decorative but also a protective facing in building exteriors.

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As we factor our business through our Bank, we are able to set up accounts for customers very quickly, without the need for a lengthy and time-consuming Application Form. Just a copy of a Letterhead and Company Registration Number, will usually mean an account open in 24 hours!

We service a geographical area from Bristol in the West to Suffolk in the East, and from Birmingham in the North to the entire South Coast between Dover and Weymouth.

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Adapted vehicles Fast delivery to site

Our specially adapted vehicles can deliver direct to your site or home, saving you time and the effort of working out how to securely transport it!


A huge range of fascias in a choice of styles, colours and sizes, to suit any building design.


Our range has been designed to ensure both reliable, leak-free performance and quick installation.