Willmott's offer an extensive choice of soffits ranging from 100mm to 600mm wide, in a choice of colours and woodgain finishes as well as the standard white. Soffits are an integral part of the roofline system enclosing and protecting the underside of the roof edge. They provide a highly effective and visually appealing long-term solution to regular maintenance.

What is a soffit: The soffit is the board that fills in the gap between the fascia board and the wall of your house. If roofline ventilation is necessary ventillation grilles can be fitted in the soffit.

Don’t know your soffit from a fascia – see our Roofline Guide to understand the difference.

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A huge range of fascias in a choice of styles, colours and sizes, to suit any building design.


An exceptional range of soffit products ranging in colour and size from 100mm to 600mm.


Our range has been designed to ensure both reliable, leak-free performance and quick installation.


Durable cladding products offering not only a decorative but also a protective facing in building exteriors.